First Grade Newsletter 

First Grade Newsletter


May 26, 2017


We can’t believe that our first graders are almost SECOND GRADERS!!!  Where did the time go? But, for the biggest news of the week….WE HAVE CHICKS!!!! Everyone (including Mrs. Hazel and Mrs. McArthur) was so excited to see the arrival of the chicks and to hold and pet them! The Talent Show was once again this year a super fun way to celebrate each other’s special talents and creative abilities.

In Language Arts this week, we enjoyed another familiar fairytale- Jack and the Beanstalk.  After hearing this story, we described and illustrated the elements of the story in our own step books.  At the end of the week, we began reading scripts and designing puppets for our fairy tale plays. The first graders can’t wait to perform for each other next week! We met with our junior high writing buddies for the last time this year. Our buddies helped us begin drafting letters intended for the next class of first graders this fall. 


In Religion, we learned about Saint Dominic Savio. As a young boy, he loved God and prayed to the Holy Spirit to help him to be happy and kind. The Holy Spirit gave him the courage to be a peacemaker. We learned that the Holy Spirit is always with us and that the Holy Spirit helps us and guides us in our daily lives.


In Math, we began our study of money.  We have been practicing identifying and counting pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters and solving word problems with money. Counting mixed coins can sometimes be a little tricky, so any extra practice with this skill would be great (and who doesn’t enjoy counting money, right?) J


In Science, we discussed the respiratory system further and began discussing the nervous system.


All library books are due!  Please return them as soon as possible. Mrs. Lewis sent home reminder slips to all first graders who have not returned their books.  Please be prompt in returning these books or contacting Mrs. Lewis about replacing them.


Today was the Last Hot Lunch: No drinks or snacks will be available for purchase past this date.  No forks or spoons will be available, either.  Please send all items your child needs with him/her to school.

 Here’s a look at things to come next week…



·         Wednesday, May 31: Book-It! Goal/Reading Pizza Party- drinks and dessert included.  Your child may pack a lunch if he/she does not want LaRosa’s pizza. 


·         Thursday, June 1:  Last Day of School – 1:00pm dismissal


 Have a safe and relaxing weekend!


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