First Grade Newsletter 

First Grade Newsletter




November 3, 2017




Religion: We began Chapter 5: “God Is Our Loving Father”. We learned that God is called our Creator and that He created many things to show His love for us. We read a creation poem and named things that God created in our world.  We also learned that the first people God created are called Adam and Eve. We will continue our discussion of creation next week.


 Language Arts: This week we focused on the short vowel sounds of e as well as words containing initial “s blends” (sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st). The grammar focus was on singular and plural nouns including “special” plurals such as children and mice.  Our target skill in reading was to understand how graphic features such as photographs, captions, labels and artwork can further explain text.  We explored the genre of biography as we read a story containing facts and pictures of the all-time favorite author, Dr. Seuss.  We enjoyed some of his many poems too.  


Math:  As we continue to work with adding three numbers, we have been looking for the best strategy to use with these problems. For example:  We have practiced looking for combinations of numbers that add up to ten and then some more.  Ex.  3 + 2 + 7 :  First, add 3 + 7 to get 10 and then add 2 more to get 12.  We have also been looking for doubles that we know.  For example:  5 + 2 + 3:  First, add 2 + 3 to get 5 and then see that 5 + 5 is a known double (10). 


Science: We watched and discussed two videos about the life cycles of different groups of animals and the similarities/differences among them. We categorized and classified animals into groups based on their characteristics.


Thanksgiving Feast - - Keeping with our tradition, the first graders are the Indians and the second graders are the Pilgrims.  On Tuesday, November 21st, the day of our Feast, the first grade students may come to school dressed as Indians.  If they wish, they can remain dressed as Indians all day.  Some students have Indian costumes at home that they may want to wear. They are welcome to do that; however, please do not feel like you have to go out and buy an Indian costume.  In the past, most students have made Indian vests out of brown paper bags at home and/or they wore brown pants and shirts to resemble the clothing of some Indians.  (Keep in mind that we have Mass that morning so the students will have to remove and keep their brown paper bag vests in the room until after Mass!) We hope all students will take part in dressing up this year. We will make headdresses at school; however, if your child has one at home that they would like to wear, they may do so.  We will eat the traditional turkey meal for lunch that day.  If your child does not like the turkey meal, please send a packed lunch with him/her to eat at the feast.



Scholastic Book Fair is next week!    A flyer was sent home on Wednesday. Both first grade classes will preview the book fair on Tuesday, Nov. 7th.  On the preview day, the students will have an opportunity to buy books or to “window shop” for books they would like to have.  When you come to school for your child’s conference, you can purchase books then if you like, or you can send money with your child on preview day or any other day of the book fair to purchase books.



Looking Ahead



?  NO SCHOOL:  Friday, November 10th 


?  Unit 2 Sight Word assessment: Monday, November 13th








Have a wonderful weekend!



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