Spelling Words 


Spelling Words


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You can access our spelling lists each week by visiting www.spellingcity.com. Click on the “search” button, and then select “Teachers/Parents”.   Type in our teacher name: Hazel McArthur.  Our lists will be posted each weekend so that your child can practice the words and play the games before each test.  We encourage your child to review the previous lists because our tests are cumulative.


With  Spellingcity you can practice your spellings anytime you want online.
It is almost like having your own teacher helping you learn your spelling words. 
You type the words in the box provided or if you have lots of spelling words to
learn you can type them in as a list separating each with a comma.

Once you have finished you can be tested, taught the words or even play one
of the many spelling games available on the site.

Have fun.

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