Book It!

October 2, 2017


Dear Parents,


This week we will begin our Book It! reading program, a national reading incentive program sponsored by Pizza Hut.  A detailed letter explaining Book It! is attached to this letter. This reading incentive program will include the recorded minutes read on the refrigerator logs as well as a specific reading goal/assignment each month.  We expect all first graders to complete the monthly reading requirements and look forward to rewarding the class as a whole as we reach our goals.  Students will also receive individual recognition on the class chart.


Each month, there will be 2 parts for the students to complete: 


1.    60 minutes (or more) of reading per week…(Refrigerator Reading Logs)

2.   A monthly activity which will be assigned at the beginning of each month with a deadline date for the completion of that activity.  The following explains the first Book It! goal for the month of October.


October Book It! Goal


Each student is to complete a “Picture Walk” sheet (see attached). 


Directions  for the “Picture Walk” sheet: 


·        Your child is asked to write in complete sentences (3 total): the beginning, middle, and end of one story he/she read.  Only their very best handwriting is accepted.

·        Students should add an illustration to accompany each sentence.

·        You may help your child spell words or they may use inventive spelling (write the sounds they hear) on this project.  We have been working on capitalization and punctuation so please remind them to include capitals and periods in their sentences.


This “Picture Walk” sheet is due on Wednesday, October 25.  Your child may bring it in earlier, but please be sure it is completely ready to turn in and it is done in their best work!




           We encourage you to assist your child in keeping up with the monthly goals as we feel this program is a fun and creative way for you and your child to enjoy reading together and improve your child’s literacy skills. The final reward for the program is a pizza party at the end of the year. 


Thank you for all your support and help.



Diane Hazel                                        Cathy McArthur